The f?

I’ve tried to set windows executable icon for my game to this png file (compressed and sent to regular file hosting so it won’t lose detail in case image hosting would want to “recompress” it, thus making reproducing error futile): and…

  • My exported game is normally about 20mb big (without icon which is like half kb?)
  • When exporting with icon set to this image, not only resulted exe (both compressed and non-compressed) doesn’t have icon, but is 266MB(!) big.

//edit: Tried to convert said PNG to ico file (Windows Icon) using GIMP to see if that helps and it caused opposite issue: It created corrupted exe file of size 93kb that said “Couldn’t read SFX configuration” upon opening. No icon either. When I tried to make non-compressed game, it worked (icon and all) with ico, but I just want single exe, not directory of some random (for regular player) files.

As long as I can remember, the “single file exe” option never worked. Not with an ico anyway.

So, yeah, you’re stuck with a zip archive (because it’s easier), or an InstallCreator FrontEnd (because it’s classier).

The “Normal” mode works with an ICO file.