The Inferno Gang Platformer (Vertical Slice)

Posted on youtube on 2022-02-10
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 1.0.0 - YouTube

What I have so far:
Basic movement, jump, duck, right click to activate objects, and left click for bullets and aiming.

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Posted on youtube on 2022-03-10
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 1.0.1 - YouTube

I added

  • GUI (health and Inventory)
  • Run mechanic
  • Hazards
  • Hurt Animation and blinking effect
  • Locked Door
  • Unlock Door Item
  • An Inventory Object
  • Draggable object mechanic

Posted on Youtube on 2022-04-10. I forgot to update here
The Inferno Gang - Vertical Slice 0.3.0 - YouTube
A few more assets and polishing and The Inferno Gang will graduate to Alpha stage!

Some changes I made:

  • Added a few rough assets*
  • Polished the Pause menu during levels
  • Big Diablo can grab ledges and hoist himself up
  • Big Diablo can freeze enemies - and use them for fast travel!
  • Expanded the level’s area
  • I’m still deciding on what kind of level it will be. For now, I’m creating it as an exploratory level, where you need to solve puzzles and find items. I also like the idea where you could play it like a linear runner, if you get skilled enough at the game.

*For now, all assets are digital, but when the game gets polished, I will hand-draw them to get that 1960s cartoon look.

Play it here on Game Jolt!
(Game Jolt - Games for the love of it)

2022-05-10 Vertical Slice Update

  • Changed Shooter Mechanic to Cursor Mechanic
  • Added Slide ability (press D while moving to slide)
  • Added more platforms and more rooms
  • Changed and added cursors so people will know what they can click
  • Added/changed sprite animations

Opening sequence: script done
Maps: Polished Mansion Map

Play it here on Game Jolt! The Inferno Game ALPHA 0.1.0 by The Shade System - Play Online - Game Jolt

I like the graphic style. And it plays quite well, with it’s smooth movements and animations. Well done so far.

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Thanks, Mr.Men! I really appreciate your feedback!

It looks good so far, keep going :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Robehickman! :grin: