The layer effect "GodRay" does not work on iOS

I am using the GodRay layer effect in my game and when exported to ios, it blacks out the screen. Everything still works correctly, but nothing can be seen when the effect is active. Other effects don’t cause a problem (as far as i’ve experienced). It works just fine on Android.

Thanks for reporting. :+1:
Can you confirm which iOS version?
Does it work with network preview?

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve tested it on the latest iOS version. When I test it in the Xcode simulator it works just fine. Also when it’s tested in the preview it works as well. Only place it falls short is on an actual iPhone (x series) device

Thanks! I’ll forward that to the devs.

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Can you alert me when it’s been fixed?

Well, if it does get fixed and I haven’t forgotten about this topic, yes. :blush: