The multiplayer is.... something

Ok, the multiplayer is good, but it needs some work. Instead of a set amount, let’s make it better, like letting them make lobbys, letting them make them private, and letting people use a code for players to join, or they can make the lobby public so random people can join the match, and you can tie this with the subcription, like silver, which can be like 15 to 25 lobbies, or gold, which can make up 50 to 100, and pro can make infinite, and no subsciption can have like only 5 lobbies. This is so much better than the other one, and yes, I know it will be hard to code, but it will be worth it. You draw more people in and get them to buy the subscription, so Roblox games do this, and it’s good. I know people won’t see this, but this is just what I would have done, and it’s easier for the owner to manage. And just better, again, I know it’s hard to code. Just think about it.

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