The No-Code GameDev Humble Bundle

Hi all!

I can’t wait to buy this Bundle on Tuesday evening NZST.

I’m not a full-time game developer but I’d love to help out the gaming community as well as the charity as technology is indeed the future of the human race.

I’m especially looking forward to the visual novel maker editor thingy and the GDevelop subscriptions.

The offer seems active for now, but ending soon.

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It ends this week I believe but I get my weekly pay tomorrow night, 20th of December 2022, around 9:00pm NZST so I should be in before it ends.

Do you know if there’s a time limit on when we have to activate the subscription/s or can they be activated whenever? :slight_smile:

Any reply on this? I would also like to know when the keys expire, also because if you buy the full package you get 2 codes.

You have one year from the date of purchase to activate your subscriptions.
Be careful, each code is unique, so don’t share it, don’t use it unless you mean to, and don’t try to add more codes to extend your subscription, because that will cancel the previous ones. Wait for the first one to end before inputting a new one.

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