The number of (object), does not work if it = 0

So im trying to detect when there are 0 zombies left on the scene so that it can trigger the option for the next wave or to go shop. so i used this but for some reason this condition does not work if you are checking for 0. I have tried <1 and i have tried inverting the condition to check if its not greater then 1 and still does not work. so what other ways can i check for when there is zero zombie object left to kill in the scene? here is my events for the waves.

I no nothing else is wrong with my code as if i set the condition to = 1 its works. but i need it to be zero. I have also confirmed with the debugger that there is no other zombies anywhere that there shouldn’t be and its only 10.

Unfortunately, something else is going on with your event logic.

I just tested and this works fine:

Here’s the preview link. If you hit A, it deletes the player character (leaving 0), and then shows the ladder collision objects.
(You’ll want to hit f11 to fullscreen it so you can see easier)

strange so why does the debugger tell me there is only 10 zombies like i set it to be yet when they are dead and = 0 the code wont run? I cant find anything else wrong and this is the only event that uses the zombies aswell apart from the one for there HP …

okay i solved it by moving the trigger once and create objects here like this and it now works… so something about the trigger once event being where it was, was stopping it.