The pause menu works on the PC but not on the phone

Hi, I’m making a game for phone and I have a small problem, I made a pause menu to be able to pause the game, everything works perfectly when I test it, but when I test it on my phone it doesn’t work, it appears 0.1 seconds after disappear, why?

The game:

The events:

When I tested it on my phone. When I pressed pause the menu flashed. If I turn my phone sideways (landscape) everything works including the menu. If I pause while in landscape and turn it to portrait, it unpauses and the menu disappears.

Is there something detecting orientation?

Ah right, I didn’t put anything to detect the orientation, I didn’t know about such a thing, what should I put?

Edit: I did it, i found something called “Activate the orientation sensors” and now it’s all good, thanks a lot!

I have no idea. But when the phone rotates, something is changing. Something causes it to behave differently.

I found it, thank you for help!

What was it? In case others have the same issue.

I found something called “Activate the orientation sensors”. But I don’t know what’s happening, sometimes when I go to the link the pause goes, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve never used the sensors.

Hello, were u able to fix it? I have the same problem, but mine doesn’t just blink, it reloads the scene, thank you

sorry, i haven’t solved the problem yet, i have an idea what i can do but i’m not sure, i’ll try everything

it happened with my always moving game, by any chance u r making the same kind of game? if so, I tried every thing and they just don’t work, the only way is to stop the character, I tried various way to do it, but the only way is for the character to die, so all the force is removed. then you can use the pause button.