The point of an object does not turn at the correct angle with the object

I tried to turn a object with the point, but, when it turns, the point turn incorrectly, i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, so, can someone help me?

Can you provide a screen snip of your events? And screen shots of the points of the objects involved?

What about the object Ataque? It doesn’t look like it’s origin is at the top left.

I’ll make an educated guess that Ataque’s origin is in the middle along the top edge.

In which case everything is working fine.

You’ll need to rotate Ataque when you rotate Jogador if you want Ataque to spin as well. However, the rotation point is in the middle of the Ataque sprite. You’ll have to move it to the same spot as the origin.

You’re right, the origin point of the ataque object is in the middle, i didn’t know that this was one of the causes, thank you for your help, and sorry for the inconvenience

No inconvenience at all, that’s what the forum is for :smiley:

I’m going to change my mind on that one, and suggest you move the origin of Ataque to it’s centre, and push the point PontoAtaque out further on Jogador. It’s probably a better way of doing it.

HI, i think it’s better that i ask this on other topic than the bug topic, but i tried your suggestion and it almost worked, but now when the player(jogador) walks, the ataque object go to the origin point of the player, and when i stand still the ataque object goes to the PontoAtaque

I forgot to tell, I deleted the actions that change de angle of the ataque object and its the same thing

I think you may be better off using the Sticker extension. Install it on your project and add the Sticker behaviour to the Ataque object. When you create Ataque, set it’s position to Jogador.PointX/Y(“PontoAtaque”) and then stick it to Jogador.

Then remove all the actions that rotate Ataque and change it’s position. Sticker will take care of all that.

Thanks for that, but i found a better way to do this, i basically just put the ataque object around the player and set the angle to the angle o the player.