The very first tutorial has incorrect information

I am on the very first tutorial on building the monstor game, but am stuck at the part where we add the mouse controls to the monstor because there is no condition in my gDevelop editor called “Compare X position of an object”.

There is also no explanation for exactly how to create “subconditions.” I only see the option to add a “condition.”

The tutorial reads like this:

Look for “Mouse button pressed or touch held” in the “Other conditions”, and the button to test will be “Left (primary)”.

Now add a sub-condition.

Select Monster, then “Compare X position of an object”, and enter > (greater than) as the “Sign of the test” and MouseX() + 5 as the “X position”.

Can anybody please help me find the equivalent condition to Campare the x or y axis?

Though you’ll have a different named object (maybe Enemy instead of Star)

You can make a sub-condition by dragging the blue left edge of a condition and pulling it slightly to the right.
Or click the button in the upper corner of the UI. It’s the second one. As marked below by the red arrows.

Hmm… I’ll try to take a look at that tutorial sometime this week to see if I can tweak it.

However, please keep in mind that is not the first tutorial for the engine. The basic game making concepts is the first tutorial for the engine (Basic game making concepts: What you need to know to start with GDevelop [GDevelop wiki]), and is basically a requirement before doing any of the others. Definitely check that out and ensure you’ve followed through all of the links as you go through the tutorial.

The events page linked in the tutorial will teach you about event order and subevents, including their creation, as well as links out to the Events Editor page, which includes details on all of the event editor icons.

Hopefully that’ll help clear up some confusion before the game tutorials are updated.

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How about this. What has the "Compare X position of an object” changed to?

scroll down to Position heading in the Monster conditions list
select X position (the tutorial doesn’t include this part)
and then fill in the details of the Compare the X position of the object on the right hand side

Or if you search for ‘x position’ in the search bar at the top of the Monster conditions, it will show ‘x position’

I also had to manually start the timer to get the project to work properly as I think timers have changed since this tutorial was written

yes i noticed that as well about the timer. Thank you for your help. Listen, do you know of any tutorials which contain the correct information?

No, haha. There are some examples and explanations on Gdevelop’s youtube channel.

But the main thing I have to say is: I’m really thankful that a free game engine has any tutorials at all. I’d say the GD tutorials and wiki explanations are very detailed and well put together and I’m very willing to figure out any inaccuracies for myself. Sometimes this means skipping ahead to see what happens later in the tutorial which can offer a clue to my questions.