The Volume slider extension wont work on phone

Hey hi guys the volume slider extension don’t work properly on mobile devices
And if the move on cursor when touching screen is set to “yes” tho it will work but i need it to set on “No” because am using a multi touch controls on my game, and when on “No” it stop working like the volume slider won’t move …
Thank you

I just double checked the extension list, there isn’t a volume slider extension.

What are you referring to?

Draggableslidercontrol i meant

Ah. That makes sense, as far as I know this was designed with desktop in mind. It uses mouse events in its construction (you can open the extension to see all of its events).

I don’t believe you’d be able to use this extension with multitouch, and would need to design your own sliders for use with that.

Or make it so the mouse cursor is just hidden, but not disabled, and not use single touch events for the rest of your logic.