There is a way to check if points exist

Hi mates I need a way to check if the Top and Bottom points exists before create sprites on that points.
So there is a condition for that or how I can check of the existence of a point in the Sprite?

What scenario is there where you don’t know if a set of points exist on a sprite? The only one I can think of is if you have an object group made up of sprites, some which don’t have those points.

But anyway, using the compare 2 numbers expression, you could check one of the two the position is not (0,0), in which case the point exists.

Hi @MrMen is for an extension that I’m making and this use 2 Sprites one for the base transport and other sprite for the moving platform so the if the user forget to add the points the extension doesn’t work
Here is a sample I totally forgot to set Top/Bottom points so because of that I need the extension to check if the points exists in the transport Sprite Unofficial Extension Moving Platforms

I like what you have so far. Maybe instead of checking for points, you just add a parameter for distance. Save the objects original x,y and then just tween between the original x,y and the original x,y+distance. You could also add an angle parameter for diagonal or horizontal movement.