This place is deaaad


Can someone revive it?

What ?!

New posts and topics daily… What’s wrong with it? :angry:

Maybe he was speaking about this particular forum, in which case it’s normal that “GDevelop general” do not have lots of new topics daily, as most topics should be created in the other forums. This one is just for announcements or really general questions/discussion about the software that do not fit in any other forum category.

I find it somewhat rude making a whole topic about this :neutral_face:

Look the bright side… he has revived it :laughing:

Haha true :smiley:

Very true indeed! :smiley:

The forum visits have been growing a bit these last months and this should continue as the beta version of GDevelop for Mac is coming, as well as the enhanced version of GDevApp, and its iPad version :smiley:

I have no answers.

You have answers in all of your topics…

Want a disco party or something? That revives everything :laughing: Anyways if you need an answer. Post a topic about your question. Usually it get answered in a day or two. If it doesn’t. Try adding more information.