THNK multiplayer bugging me for days

hi guys can someone help me out with thnk multiplayer
im having this bug from last night till now (it’s 1030pm here) TvT
im not sure why I’m having this issue - when a new player joins, the new user/client will have 2 characters appearing on their screen, in which every time the user tries to move their character, they will move BOTH the characters belong to themselves AND the server. and the information is not synchronized… i wonder if they are not linked at all to a specific player due to a mistake in my event system?
each object is already added with the ‘synchronize’ behavior by THNK extension
im following the THNK tutorial by @arthuro555 step by step though, but i cant find which part is wrong

Demo of the bug:

these are my events for the menu (menu to choose make or join server):

these are my events for the platformer:

**BTW, multiple objects for 1 player (because i used it for user costume customization, which will be linked to firebase data (i dont think this is causing the issue because I tried to delete all and run a normal platformer using only one object - for example only the shirt and no face/head, yet it is still having the same bug)