Thwomp type enemy issues

Hi! I am trying to create a crusher type enemy (like a thwomp from mario) and things were going good until I went to test the functionality of the enemy. Currently, when I walk under the first enemy, everything works properly. The enemy falls with the proper animation, the impact animation plays when it hits the ground, and it rises back up to do it all over again. However when I run under a second enemy, it doesn’t play the impact animation or go back up, and instead just stays there. Which causes the first one that was previously working to do the same, along with the rest of them. Relevant screen shots below

I think it’s the trigger once To reset the trigger once I think the tween would have to start playing again or be deleted.

Try removing the trigger once and adding remove tween falling as the 1st action

Thanks for the response! That was the issue! It’s all good now!

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