Tile sprite height problem

Hi! I’ll get right to the point. I have a “health” bar composed of the “outline” object and the “fill” object. The fill object is a Tiled Sprite with a pattern, masked onto another identical “outline” object, but filled. So the problem is: when I decrease the value, the bar’s width decreaces, but from the bottom. Since it has no points and can’t be flipped, I have no way of modifying this. PS: I tried with angles too.

I’m sure there’s a simple solution, yet I can’t find it. I’d be really glad if you helped me with this. Thanks in advance!

Hi, maybe someone in the forum knows exactly what the problem is, but for someone like me and maybe some other forists who could, perhaps, give useful recommendations, it is difficult to imagine what you mean by:

Do you have a vertical health bar that should go from top to bottom? But if so, what has its width to do with that (in the title you also mention the height)?

Anyway, it would be helpful if you would show a screenshot of your healthbar or give a more detailed description and your events.

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