Tiled sprites and opacity

When working with opacity and time to create a fade in and fade out effect, works fine for a sprite, but do not work for a tiled one.

After that, I’ve tried( just for a test ) to show and hide a tiled sprite. The same problem: nothing happens. Is it a bug?

If you use actions specific to Sprite objects, they obviously won’t work for Tiled Sprite objects :slight_smile:
But show/hide an object are actions common to all objects, so it should have been working. :neutral_face:

Sidenote: Now that I think about it “Tiled” would work better as an automatism that would change how scaling for that object is working, instead of stretching/whatever it would just repeat it.

The problem is that automatisms can’t control the way the objects are rendered.

Problem that can be overcomed by changing automatism system so it can affect all properties of GameObject, including it render method if it is desired.

Ok, understand.
I really need a fade in and out, so… a sprite had been used; and not a tiled one.

…But no problem.