Tiled,tiledmap in gdevelop 5

Hello everyone.I have a problem with tilemap when I make a tilemap and export it to json and transfer it to the game it doesn’t show up please help.!!!

Need a bit more details. Include an image of your settings for tilemap object so we can check if it’s a configuration problem.

Did you set base64 in tile layer format for the tiled map?
Did you embed the tileset in tilemap json? If not you need a tileset json file as well

No, I didn’t touch the settings.

Check the recommended settings and steps here (if you haven’t already)


OK thanks i will chrck

I’m very sorry, but this didn’t help, it doesn’t display everything


First, a general warning: You’ve made numerous duplicate threads on this topic. Please avoid duplicate threads in the future or your posting privileges may be revoked.

Secondly: If the tilemap is displaying, but not all of it displays, note that there is a known bug if the final tilemap size is over ~4 million pixels total (not tiles) right now: Large Tilemaps cut off Horizontally · Issue #4039 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

If your map exceeds that size, I’d recommend splitting the map up into multiple 2000x2000 pieces instead.