Tilemap extension: zoom feature

It’d be great if we could zoom in both tileset and map 2-4x in tilemap editor (not scene editor obviously). It would make easier to work with maps that are supposed to use small tiles (16, 8px).

even greater if it gets ported to html5… also autotiles similar to the ones in rpg maker :stuck_out_tongue:

Blurymind, I agree about html5 port thing, but autotiles are hell of a work. Once tried to make a program that would take RMXP autotile and spit out arranged set of all possible tiles and trust me, even when you don’t need to care which sides autotiles are connecting to, it’s still hell of a work. Probably not worth it at this point of time. Zoom would be easier to do than autotiles, I suppose that even html5 port of the extension would be easier.