Tilemap not working

No matter what I do, I can’t get tilemaps to work. I’ve used over 4 tutorials exactly and I still wasn’t able to get it to work. I was wondering if there was an easy substitute to tilemaps which doesn’t lower fps too much?

Tiled tilemaps are relatively fragile and particular, that said I’ve followed the tutorial on the wiki as recently as last night for testing for another user and it worked fine. Ensure you don’t have something wild like a tileset atlas over ~2000x2000 pixels (maximum size of an image resource), and that you don’t have your tilemap set to infinite size (not supported by any engine that I am aware of).

However, generally I tell people to use LDtk instead. My recommendation:
Use LDTK to build your map.
Use simple export option from LDTK.
Make sure you are on a local (not cloud) project (Cloud doesn’t currently support LDTK as far as i know).
Import map into tilemap object. Add to scene.
If you need collisions. Just make a collision object that is a red square, and drag it to the shape you need in the scene or add multiple to the scene as needed. Give the object the platform behavior, and hide it at the beginning of the scene with a single event.

There are no special steps beyond that. And there is nothing else visually that will get you the performance of a tilemap for a large area.