Tileset/Spritesheet Support

Does GD have support for tilesets and spritesheets? Or would I need to use individual image files for each frame of an animation? I keep my sprites in sheets for ease of use and my tilesets in largish sets so that I have everything in one place. It seems rather unorganized in my mind to need individual image files for each frame… or am I missing something and is this implemented and I just can’t find it?

There is currently no support for spritesheets, you must cut the spritesheet ( There is a tool to do this in Game Develop : Click on the “Image converter” button in the Ribbon ).
Note that you can put your frames in folders and sub folders ( For example, a folder called “Character1” with sub folders for the different animations like “Walking”, “Jumping” ) so as to keep them organized. :slight_smile:

I can be interesting to create an object showing a grid composed of a tileset.
It can be a really good idea because using one texture to display a lot of tiles can improve a lot the game’s performances (with the texCoords of sf::Vertex).

Thanks for your swifty responses. :slight_smile: