Time formatting extension


I have installed the extension Time Formatting in my project, but I have difficulty understanding how this can transform my existing timers to HH:MM:SS.

I am using TimeFromStart() in a scene variable, which still just counts the elapsed time.

Thanks in advance

The extension isn’t for converting a timer specifically.

It is for adding an expression that converts any variable or value that contains seconds.

You would need something to display the conversion, like a text object. Then you use the expression to convert any number of seconds into a string.

So if you had a variable that was 62, using the expression from the extension around that variable, in a “modify the text of objectname” action, would display 00:01:02.

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Thanks for your fast reply… and it works now.
"Time: " +TimeFormatter::SecondsToHHMMSS(TimeFromStart()) did the trick!

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