Time to put language selector

OK, in my game I wanna put 4 language types (English, Spanish, Japanese and French for example).
BUT i don’t know where is the best time to put the “language selector” I have 2 options.

1- Person start the game and the first thing to do is select the language.
2- The game Start in english, you need go to “Options” to change the language.

Is good this post in “How i do…” or maybe i need posted in “General”?

I don’t know your game but I would say option 1.

“Ask questions to get help using GDevelop and about game development in general.
So How do I should be fine. :slight_smile:

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There is the possibility with the help of the “Language” extension that the language of the system is output. It’s very simple.

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I’d say option 1 too, but usually when opening a new game for the 1st time, it’s asked once to choose a langage. Then the game keeps in memory so that every time you open the game again, the chosen langage remains. In option/parameters it can be modified though.

Isn’t it an option for your game?

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Of course is an option, just i wanna people preference in that case, ok and thanks

That really help!! Thanks a lot

Thanks for your answer