Timedelta to a science or global variable while offline

Hi! Does anyone know how to make a time delta that runs even if you’re not running the game?
I am working on a game with energy. So every 5 minutes the player will gain 1.
So I want it to work even thou the game is not running or offline. Thank you!

You need to store the value before the game is closed, and then compare the values when opening the game.

yeah what I mean is, i want it still running. even thou the game is closed.
for example
every 300 seconds the player will earn one energy.
so when the player closes the game. that 300 seconds still counting down and giving the player energy even though the game is closed.
is it possible?

I know what you mean, but if it’s closed, it’s not running, hence the workaround above.

So you’re saying that it’s not possible :(( okay thank you <3