Times At The Mansion Demo

Hello, here’s a demo of a game I’m working on with a friend, called Times At The Mansion. Here’s the plot of the game:
Your friend has went inside an abandoned mansion for a movie that he is making, but he hasn’t came out ever since and has went missing.
Play it on gamejolt or itch.io

Hi. I played the game and I think you need to make the Player walk and run a little bit faster.

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Thanks for the feedback, will change it tomorrow

Just released an update to TATM, which should make the player move faster and did some optimizations. I also released the game on newgrounds

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OMG… don’t know how to exit to the PAUSED screen. maybe any advice can be precious.

Pressing ESC will pause and unpause the game

Updated my game again with some new content, bugfixes and optimizations


I played the game:

the good things, music and intro text style. the concept of the game. the style of the notes (paper)

the bad: for me, player moves slow.

BUT the main thing, after 5 minutes of game, i was still roaming in the first room,
i don’t know what i’ve to do. if we was in 1980, with only this game on the shelf…
but now, with tons of games to play , after 5 minutes of “what i’ve to do???”, you know, game will be switched off placed in R.I.P. status.

underlined, this is my personal opinion.


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Thanks for the feedback, will make it more clearer what to do in the next update

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OK but BTW, what i’ve to do???

I don’t know where you are unless you show some pictures

Just the first room, switched on something, fans i think. But don’t mind about explain your game, things getting too much complicated. cheers and wishes for your game.

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Me and my friend are restarting the game from scratch, with a new story, (maybe) new sprites and the game is still gonna be a horror game, but with a new take on the game


interesting, do you have any idea about the changes to make compared to the old version?

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Yeah, we wanted to change the game from whatever we were doing (which should be a sign that we had no idea we wanted to do for the game) to more of psychological horror and we wanted to take extra time with the story.
Hopefully with this new version, we’ll make sure we make everything a lot more clear and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes.

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Maybe thinking about playtesting with someone not involved in the game. some friends. they can give you a good feedback.

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