Tools For Games

Hello Gus,

Since i am new to this forum, I would like to introduce my self. I am alex and i am confused which tools to use for mobile games development.

Are you trying to export your game to Mobile devices?
If so then maybe you’re looking for these? … seintelxdk … oid_export

Thanks for the response. But what i meant is the tools for game building, Sprite Tools, 2D Mapping or Audio tools. if you know something like that, then feel free to add here if you have list already, then it would be appreciated.

You can find a list here: … lsoftwares
I don’t think there is any tool on the list would be any better for mobile game development than the others. Any of them should be good for any games.

As of “game building” tool, if you mean, a tool for making games, GDevelop can be used to make mobile games but it is not perfect. It getting there slowly but it still got some limitations.
Personally, at this moment and time I would prefer: App Game Kit for building mobile games over anything mainly because it easy and fast, you can export your game for mobile with a click of a button and it got ALL the features you would expect to use in a mobile game such as ads, in-app purchase, networking, reading sensor data…etc you can even make VR games for google cardboard and test your game on mobile devices over wifi right form the editor.
The only downside though, it haven’t got an easy visual editor, but a code editor so you need to use code for the most part.

Thanks for sharing this link. I will take time to read this one.

I already review the tools that you given. But this only an graphic animation and audio tools. But i already get some from there anyway, and it’s really appreciated. :sunglasses: