Top-down 8 direction camera rotation experiment (not perfect)

Hello! Figured I’d post my attempt at a rotateable isometric-type world. Actual programmers have full permission to laugh at me if they look at the code, because I’m certain this isn’t the ““right”” way. Since I’m not great at math, I figured out a somewhat hackish method of doing this: rotate the camera around the player, then rotate everything else back so it looks right. Of course the simplest solution can’t be the best, so there’s a bit of an issue with distances not lining up-- a pretty big gap between items from one angle will turn into an overlap you can’t move between at another angle. So it doesn’t make a lot of visual sense. Maybe someone smart can suggest a solution to fix that :slightly_smiling_face: ?


-left shift to rotate camera
-the yellow line indicates the actual "real" y axis
--the "art" is this way because this was an experiment, not a full game :joy: I'm an artist, I swear! Lol
-probably not the most efficient way to make a whole game. You'd have to make 8 different sprites for every single object in your entire game. Filesize would be at least 8 times as large as it would from 1 direction. So maybe good for smaller projects, but probably don't count on making The Elder Scrolls XCVIII: Back to 2D (But Trying To Fake 3D Anyway) :grin:

Hope it might be of use to someone!

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I found this topic cause i realised, that a compass would be a useless tool to have, where north is always up :grin: