Top Down Fighting Game

I’m doing a game which have 2 players.
Each player can select 1 character from a character select screen, when both players select their characters, they go into a “arena”, which they have 2 stats each.
HP and MP.
Here’s the problem:
I don’t have ANY idea of how to do it. I tried doing a global variable named “P1” and “P2” and create childs to each variable (HP, MP and CHARACTER childs), but after that I don’t have a MINIMUM idea of how to proceed. Anymore doubts please reply to this post. (Sorry bad english)

Here’s the archive of the project if you want more information:

It sounds like quite an open-ended question which covers a lot of ground in relation to programming the entire game? I’d start with some tutorials like these. Search youtube for more of tutorials, it’s the best way to learn a lot of stuff fast!

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Ok, thanks. I will try to search some more tutorials on this topic