Top down shooter collision

Can someone help me figure out the best to do collision in a top down shooter? I’m simply trying to make a character stop when in collision with a wall.

The image using move away will simply push the character away from the wall, but he is still able to walk on it.


If I try using “Stop the object”, nothing at all seems to happen. What am I doing wrong?


It might be worth mentioning that when I do it like this:


I am able to stop the character, but only using the following movement system of the character, that behaves like the character is walking on ice, and not stopping directly when no key is entered:


Is there perhaps some setting in this action that I can modify to make the character stop whenever no key is pressed?

When using “Move object1 from object2”, be sure that forces used to move object1 have already been applied.
Here a simple example (11.4 KB)

Perfect. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: