Topdown movement

Pixelperfect topdown

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I manually added all the squares and the number label :smiling_face_with_tear:

For instance, you could add an arrow object, and when the cursor clicks on a player, the arrow goes next to it. And when the dice are thrown, you could pick the active player by checking which player has the arrow next to it.

Thank you! But how do I do this? Do I need to add scene variables or just arrow sprite? I’m still confused about variables so please bear with me. :grimacing:

Does the arrow acts like a hitbox?

For the arrow and player selection, you can manage without variables if you want to… but variables are essential, you need to get used to them.

Left button is clicked + cursor is on Player
→ move Arrow to position Player.X()-50 ; Player.Y()

Left button is clicked + cursor is on Die
→ Pick player closest to arrow, and do your movement… however you planned that.

Thank you very much! I will try this but is it right that I’ve used Pixelperfect topdown movement?

For that, I’m not sure.
Only way to find out is try it. :wink: