Touch/cursor at position at begining of the scene?

is there a way to put touch/cursor at exact position at the beginning of the scene ?

How do you plan to move touch?:thinking:
Make a target :dart: sprite and ask the player to place his finger there. :person_shrugging:

Hi Strahinja, you didn’t say what you’re trying to achieve with this. So I guessed and based my experiment on you wanting the user to click on a start button which takes them to the game.

I did an experiment of hiding the cursor on game start and having a cursor sprite where I want it to be. I just roughly drew one but you could get a proper cursor pic. The user clicks/touches anywhere but can’t see their cursor. Unless the game was full screen, it felt wrong, so maybe this is not your intended use.



thank you all
no, the problem is,…
I’m working on mobile game
when scene changes, touch stays on last position from previous scene, and because of that it clicks on something even if you don’t want it.

Replace the touch/click is pressed with touch/click is released.

I looked
and I don’t see touch released ?
there is only mouse button released

Yes, I have raised this issue (ping @Bouh), the mouse action works for both mouse and touch.

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