Touches stay active when closing exported iOS game

I use the event “The touch/cursor is on…” & “A new touch has started” to track touch events on buttons in my app. The issue only appears in the exported iOS app, not in android (cordova build). The problem is that touches remain active when the app is closed while a finger is still on the screen. When the app is continued it still triggers the event although no touch is made. This leads to problems especially with the iPhone X and above because buttons are constantly being pressed when swiping up to close the app ore swiping down to open control center. When you touch anywhere on the screen after launching the app again, it is recognised as touch on the button.
How can I avoid this behaviour? Is there another way to track touch events (I need multitouch in my app otherwise I could enable moving the cursor on touch events)?

I’m not sure I understand your problem, a screen recording might be helpful.
If you’re sure the problem only occurs in iOS and not Android, it could be a bug.
Did you use the multitouch example?

Thanks for your answer.
The problem is: First I tap a button and then close the app (with the touch held). When I then restart the app with no finger on the screen, the app behaves like I was still touching the screen at the position of the button. When I then tap anywhere else on the screen (not on a button) the app responds like I was pressing that initial button because the touch from before closing the app ist virtually still active.

I included a video here:

This leads to problems on all iOS devices without a home button because swiping up from the bottom to close an app can trigger a touch on these buttons.

This is the code I use. But I have tried the multitouch example before. I also set “Move Mouse Cursor when touching screen” to No in the beginning of the scene.

The problem does not occur in Android

According to your conditions, it should register that the touch is somewhere else… :thinking:
If the previous touch remains active, maybe the multitouch example could help, because each touch gets an ID variable, and you could use that as a condition, I suppose.
I don’t have any iOS at hand to reproduce or test, though. :man_shrugging:
But it sounds like a bug indeed.