Translate GD .....How do I?

is it possible to identify the strings inside of GDevelop? the given “context” on Crowdin isn’t enough always. there would be good if I can turn on “show string ID” or something in GD. it would help if I could see the text in its place. or if I can seach the desired string somehow. or perhaps they would be categorized in Crowdin. for example: UI related, Scene editor related, properties panel related ect…

All strings present in this Stories directory have zero influence on the software used by users.
Stories is a tech for preview the UI of GDevelop5, it’s made for dev only. It’s a tool for design and tests.

If you want understand a bit more the context you can select the source string, and search it here.
Like this.

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oh, sorry. I forgot to mention I’m not a UFO. I cant speak Alien. this isn’t tell me nothing:

then I ask differently. is there any way to find the text wich Crowdin put in front of me, in the GD program I use as a simple user? so that I can watch it in its own place, in its own environment?