Tree generation

So I’ve recently been making a top-down sandbox game.

I’ve been trying to make a tree generation system where when the scene starts it makes all the trees on a certain object, it works but the problem is it only works on one of the base objects and ignores the rest.

I’ve been trying to fix this for a bit now and I’m starting too loose my mind.

Any help would be appreciated!

Instead of picking all, you should use a for each object event. Theres a plus symbol in the top right while your in the editor. Select it and select “for each” that way itll apply to each of that specific object.

On a side note, the issue with using a “once while true” is that it will run on the first tree and since its already been set to true, will skip the second tree. You should have the “once while true” be in a separate sub event with the create objects.

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It works great. Thanks!

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