Trigger once make animation too fast how to fix it?

You can see the problem at that video

Your video only shows the code, not the actual problem. When you pressed play, it wasn’t recorded.

A pure stab in the dark given the limited information - change the animation speed. The 0.08 seconds per frame means your animation plays in 0.24 seconds (close enough to 1/4 of a second) for the 3 frames of animation. Maybe change the 0.08 to 0.16 or 0.2, or something higher. This will slow down the animation.

Here the gameplay but at climbing the animation is go back to idle animation again and the animation of climbing is too fast,my actual climbing animation is 0.08 second and Loop

That’s not the animation that’s too fast, it’s the player climbing speed. Reduce the value of Climbing Speed in the platform character behaviour of QuartzMainCharacter.

Still same, I reduce the climbing speed but still same and if i want to use other event like punch how i reduce the value ? because event like punch or special event like that there is no in behavior Gdevelop

You’re also jumping when you press the Up key, which I assume doubles as the climb key. You’ll need to add the conditional check that the player isn’t on the ladder to this event:

Change the animation frame rate. There’s a preview option when you edit the sprite animations. Use that to determine the best speed.