Trigger Once Only Works Sometimes

I was trying to make a behavior function and I ran into a problem where the “Trigger Once” condition only works sometimes. Not sure if this is a bug or if more likely I’m just failing to understand something. These pictures help to explain what’s going on.

This picture takes place in the behavior function I made and does’t work as intended. The first “Trigger Once” works fine and the Object is created. But the actions in the second “Trigger Once” don’t happen.

Since I’m a new user I could only put one image, but essentially its the same picture as the first except the bottom events are not connected to a “Trigger Once”, and everything works as I intended it to. I also know that the Object and HPBackground were linked because 1. the actions in the bottom events worked and 2. in a different function I moved each HPbackground on top of their linked Objects and every instance of the Object had a HPbackground in the right position.

So I’m not sure why the second “Trigger Once” actions don’t happen. Any ideas or explanations?

I would try to use “trigger once” as part of the events in the sub-conditions instead of making those blocks as sub-conditions of “trigger once” - I hope that makes sense. Have you tried that already?

Like this?

It still doesn’t work this way either.

Yes, hmm…It may be that you’re missing another type of condition to trigger the actions, like a variable, collision checking, mouse or keyboard command - something like that.

No I don’t have anything else in place to keep these events from working other than the “If HPBackground is linked to Object”
The actions works when I by pass the trigger once condition. As so

The first trigger once seems to work fine. And I know that the two objects are linked together since the actions are done. However once I put the second trigger once condition in it doesn’t work anymore

I meant that perhaps you need to add another condition; just don’t know which - if any - would be appropriate for your project. Maybe someone with more knowledge of linked object conditions can offer advice as I haven’t worked with that one yet.

The other possibility is that it doesn’t need “trigger once” if it works as desired without it.

Yeah your right in this case I could leave the event block with out the trigger once since the actions don’t take much resources to accomplish.
Or I could simply put everything in the top “trigger once” block, but I just used this as a simple example some things I need to have several different “trigger once” blocks to accomplish things in a order or so they don’t enter a loop.
Its a really weird thing though. I came across this several times but only in the behavior functions. If i use the same code in just the regular event blocks everything works fine.

Ah ok, gotcha :slight_smile:

Indeed, I seem to run into more problems with behavior functions than in scene or external event sheets too. Sometimes it is my own error and other times I just can’t put my finger on the problem.