Triggered bug HELP!

I have a situation here in my mobile controls that every time I change a scene, it triggers to example (jump button). It goes jump again and again and again. Even though I release my touch on the screen, it’s still jumping. I can’t figure it out.

I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean.

Please show us some events. A computer technician cannot repair a computer if he cannot access it. We cannot help with events if we can’t access them. :wink:

have you tired putting trigger once in the action under the jump control screen shots of the event page would help

That’s very very unlikely if I understood the problem correctly. The problem sounds more like a cursor on object condition without a touch pressed condition

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Yes, Do you know how to disable the cursor on mobile?
I used this method so that It can click the house on mobile I’ll turn the move mouse cursor as Yes.
then if released. back to no so that I can multi touch.
Do you know any ways other than this?
I mean I want to use “Left mouse button was released” On mobile without turning NO the “Move mouse cursor when touching screen”