Trouble with 3d Models

How do I…

I am trying to load a .glb 3d model.

What is the expected result

A 3d model should show up on my screen.

What is the actual result

I don’t see anything, black screen.

Related screenshots

3D models only show up when previewing the game. I’m hoping the upcoming 3D view changes this.

I already knew that, but how to load the actual model. I used the correct files, and created a 3d scene.

I’ve had a little trouble, loading my minecraft skin only works when i delete the second layer of details, which has transparent parts, which might have been the issue

If you have a black screen it can also be related to other issues. Start your preview and open up ctrl shift i to check what issues are pending.

Thanks, I don’t have the black screen anymore, but the model I am trying to load goes invisible.