Trouble with formatting a game to a phone

Hey everyone I have a game I have been working on that I periodically test on android.

The trouble I am having is when I test out the game on android things don’t quite line up and function quite like they do when I test it on my computer. When I test on my computer the game runs flawlessly but things get messy when I test it on the phone.

For instance, when I am on the phone, the main menu I have designed for the game works great when I first open the game but when I play through a level and then go back to the main menu suddenly I am not able to click/touch anything at all. However, when I do the same on the computer there is no issue what so ever.

Another thing is the size of the window when I test it on the phone causing some graphics to not line up correctly. There seems to be a considerable difference with some graphics and the screen size from when I am testing on the computer than on the phone.

I am really confused by this. Any ideas of what I might be missing?


Hard to say what might be the cause of the first one without looks at your events, but the second problem sound smile it could be solved by applying the anchor behavior on the objects to keep them consistently positioned in relation to the resolution.

I appreciate the help. Here are the Events for the main menu.