Troubles with center camera on object

I’m a beginner with GDevelop, and I’m facing a very strange behavior in GDevelop.
I’ve built a very simple test of a platform game with just one platform object and some tiled terrain.

As soon as I activate the action Center Camera on Object all the scene scrolls up.
If instead I just use Change Camera X Position on Object.X() it works fine.
If I add a second action to the scene Change Camera Y Position on Object.Y() the whole scene scrolls up.

I cannot understand this behavior.

I’m working on a Mac Book Pro 2018 running Mojave.

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance

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Moving the camera and moving the object are two different things, so it’s normal to have different results.
Perhaps you should look at some of the examples to gain a better understanding of how cameras work.
You can also read this and that.

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well Gruk is right. But i would recommend if you are trying to centre the camera on an object, Use the “Centre the camera on an object” action.