Trying make an RPG Menu

I have run into a problem when I started putting together my menu and I have space button select the option and “x” to back out of the menu or submenus. When I select an submenu with the “space” button and enter in the option I cannot leave it unless I press “x and space”. I only have it set up this way because I am new to this forum and I can’t post more than 1 picture.

Your external events are sub-events of the “space key is pressed” condition, so that condition applies to them. So you need Space+x.

I was wondering how I would make it so you only need the “X” to to exit out of external event.

You need to move it out of the sub-event, so that the parent condition doesn’t apply anymore.

You should either move all your related events to the external sheet, or move everything back to the main sheet (if you don’t need it somewhere else).

I moved the sub event out of the parent group and it works correctly. Thanks for your help.

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