Trying to change animation of one object with two different keys but animation freezes

Im able to move no problem with wasd and the animations change to which key or set of keys i press just fine. I now want to be able to change the animation to shooting with up/down/left/right arrow keys but when i do this it freezes the walking animation and once i start walking it plays the first frame of the shooting animation loop(and yes the animation is on loop). Ill provide an ss in here and in the replies.
I am still new to game making as well as gdevelop so i might not understand technical terms, cheers.

(I am using top down behavior extension and key remapper but whatever key i use it does the same thing so i dont think its the extensions im using)


When the player presses Left key, then it starts the animation named “FurbLeftHead” on “FurbHead”. But in the same frame, you also set the animation of that same Sprite to another named “FurbShootLeft”. You set two different animations during the same frame, so… I’m not sure you can do that.