Trying To Learn Gdevelop

Hello Friends,

I own this small tech website and trying to learn Gdevelop myself so I can create and post some tutorials on my website. What would be the best way to begin with?

Welcome here ! :sunny:

All theses links can be helpful for new users.
I recommend you to start with the wiki, you will find how learn GDevelop.
If you need help, I recommend that you start with the search bar on this forum, many questions already have an answer.

Wiki & Tutorials: GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki]
Official website :
:earth_africa: Help to translate Gdevelop : GDevelop 5 translations in Crowdin
:earth_americas: Help to translate the website : GDevelop old website translations in Crowdin

Roadmap on Trello : Trello

Twitter :
Facebook : Redirecting...
Discord : GDevelop

And again welcome !