Trying to make animations play, this feels like it should be simple

I’m trying to write some code in this software for the past few days. It feels so simple but it keeps not working, like I’m missing something obvious. I’m trying to make it so that:

  • when one object is in collision with another object’s point, an animation plays
  • If the object leaves the point when the animation is playing, the animation continues until it ends
  • If the object is still inside the point, the animation repeats.

Every time I try to do it the animation keeps looping and won’t stop.

hey there, this is already being addressed in your first post. You might want to look over there.

yeah sorry there was some weird glitch where it looked like it hadn’t been posted. new to this site :confused:

No worries. I’ll close this one. The solution is in Trouble with animations, feels like I’m overthinking this - How do I…? - GDevelop Forum