Tutorial Requests

I’m going to make some tutorials on how to do stuff on GD. If you want a tutorial on something, then post here below and I’ll probably do it.

I am wondering how to do some things for an AI:

  • how do you do cone of view - to determine if an enemy can see you? Can one use an object group to tell gamedevelop which objects “stop” them from seeing you.
    -advanced object picking -How do you make an enemy object check one of the variables of another enemy object that it sees. So an Alert enemy can alert other non-alert enemies of your presence and make them attack you.
    -compute distance between objects with an expression

Some other interesting topics:

  • good explanation on how to manage variables. How do you reset them or keep them between levels. Which ones reset by default when you die.
  • how do you export and import data related to the code. For example how do you make it create a save file that keeps the player’s state or specific variables How can you print a message from an external text file in your game. Or do something like arrays.

Sure all those tutorials sound ok to do, especially the AI, that’s my favourite thing to do and hopefully some others could find it fun with a few tutorials on how to go about doing it. : )

I dug that ancient post, just because I didn’t want to make a new one. The post is not aimed at Mats particularly but to everyone who is willing to participate.
I hope you don’t mind, but I really like the vertical jump example in GDevelop, called “Endless up-runner” and I’m curious to see or read how it is actually done. If someone is willing to do that, I think that not only I will appreciate it, but the whole community! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!