Tween effects in html5 game

There should be feature about Tweening for better animation effects.
Florain please implement this feature as html5 sponsers demand it

TweenJS is better

Could you be more precise? What do you want and how it should work?

I think he wants something that makes possible to “transition” from one (numeric) value to another in specific time and in specific way. Generally used for animations and such, but is useful also in different things. < Different tweening methods.

Actually would be great to see it in GD, would make doing e.g. cutscenes easier or nicely animate UI elements.

Are these tweenings effects just expressions? Like lerp function which is the most basic tween function (it is the “linear” tween method :slight_smile: ). In this case it would be quite easy to add some ease in/ease out functions but is it really what Ousaf what thinking about?

Check this out you will betterly understand what I want to say (See Tween Section from side Menu)

DarkHorse is saying exactly what I want

DarkHorse is too epic! :laughing:

Lol, I might actually end up using it for one of my projects (I’m making simple Let it Goat clone since actual Let it Goat runs like shit on my phone - may be just as well some dark horse :wink:).