Tween not responding? What am I doing wrong[Solved]

Greetings Gdevs

I was hoping someone could help me and I can’t seem to figure what it is I am doing wrong here

I am trying to create a UI box for speech and possibly with other functions in the future. The idea is when the player clicks on the “down” arrow, the box should tween down and then tween “up” when he clicks on said arrow again. However, this is not playing out as intended… This seems to work fine when I click on it the first time so it tweens down but when I click on the arrow again so that it should tween up again, it does not work.

If I instead use keys to do the same (x for down, y for up), then it works so what am I doing wrong when using the mouse or cursor condition on both UP and Down

Every event is processed every frame, from top to bottom.

Therefore your top to events are both happening when you click the WindowDown button. So the tweens are fighting each other.

You will need additional conditions to ensure they don’t both occur. I’d probably make your conditions a single event, then add subevents with additional conditions for each tween, rather than having them as wholly separate events.

As far as what conditions to use, that’ll be up to you, but I’d probably check to make to put an or statement with "Tween “WindowDownn” exists (inverted) " and an (AND condition “Tween “WindowDownn” extists” and "Tween “WindowDownn” is finished) on the windowup event, and the same thing but for WindowUpp tween on the down event.


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Thank you kindly, your suggestion worked and I have been struggling for better part of 2 days trying to figure this out on my own and only decided to come here as a last resort.

I think I should’ve have come here earlier lol. Its working nicely going up and down now when I click the down/up arrow. Thank you!!

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