Tween objects position glitch? + Large screen to Mobile device consistency?

I’m making a game quite heavily dependent on timers, positions of objects and tweens but sometimes when previewing a scene the objects gets re-positioned out of place so it ruins the look and layout of the game. It doesn’t happen all the time, just randomly on some previews. It happens more if I have Chrome browser and/or other applications running in the background so I’m close to my max 4GB ram limit. Has anyone else noticed similar odd behavior with objects glitching and being out of place?

I’ve got an intro which depends on certain text objects (which have a tween behavior) to be positioned very accurately in order for the scene to work so that they’re close to the character but don’t overlap. Basically like a speech bubble next to the character. But sometimes when I preview the scene, the text is out of place and on top of the character. So a couple of questions…

  1. will this wrong positioning of objects happen once the game is finished and built or does the build process somehow ensure that things are positioned correctly on any device?

  2. Will the positioning of the objects be completely out of whack when being played on a mobile device? My laptop is connected to a big widescreen TV. I’m worried if the game gets condensed down to a mobile device, will everything just be way out of place and will render the game unplayable?

  1. Depends on the cause of the issue, I guess. Maybe wrong events, maybe some bug, maybe some error due to RAM shortage.
  2. Try the network preview and see for yourself.

Tween glitches are usually due to previous tweens not being properly stopped/removed.

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Thanks Gruk… Tried the network preview and it seems ok on the laptop, although I can’t get the network preview to work on my tablet for some reason, the browser doesn’t recognize the address…

The original issue I think is probably RAM related because it doesn’t glitch after a restart of Windows at all, only if I have Chrome (which is a mem hog) and other software open.

The tablet needs to be on the same local network as your computer. If it’s connected to Internet through 3G/4G, it won’t work.
Aside from that, it should work. Maybe a typo in the address?

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Got it working with a Web build Gruk, the Network preview doesn’t seem to work on the home network… When I try an Android build I’m getting “parsing error” so it doesn’t install either. At least I could test it on the web build.

Unfortunately tween glitches happen on the web version too, although I have Android 5 so maybe the tablet is too old to handle it properly.

Some screenshots would help understand the issue. :slight_smile:
Screenshots of normal view, glitched view, and related tween/position events.