Tween scale freezes

Hi, I’m fairly new to this engine (only started two days ago) so I’m still trying to understand how everything works.
So, randomly (at least I didn’t figure it out yet the reason) the scale animation freezes and only back to normal when the object is deleted. Does anyone knows why that happens?
Here’s some visualization and the code.

edit: I’m referring to the button I’m clicking.

try to remove the “old” tween before start the “new”. I read this in an another topic, and it looks useful. may be help your problem, may be not.

I looked at your gif but I’m not sure what the issue is. Can you be more specific?

@Gruk Sorry, I was referring to the button that i’m clicking on top right (the box) that I use to spawn the boxes on the scene.

@Gyuszko Thanks, I’ll try something with that.

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