Tween the X and Y Scale of an Object


I want to tween the scale of an objects using its x and y. However I want to scale them individually in one go. If using the Tween.Scale.X following with a Tween.Scale.Y it only scales the Y obviously. But since there’s a function Tween.Scale there has to be a way to scale both at the same time…

I’m thankful to whomever can help me with this tiny issue.

P.S. is there a way to scale an object based on velocity?

You can tween both x y at the same time using

But if you meant to scale with specific x and y with different value
I think using both but you have to carefully watch the “Tween Identifier” to be different name
I haven’t tried that they can’t be used simultaneously or not.

Also it’s possible to scale an object by its velocity


In to scale or duration you can use your velocity here based on how you store your velocity but I’m not sure how here is my way:
You add some math yo your object.velocity like object.velocity / 2 or some formula to it.

Or if it’s force then
Object.force something??? idk

I’ve been able to do this
Tween height,
Tween width.
Two tweens with different identifiers but both have to be placed together in one action box.

No, not “obviously” at all. If this is what’s happening, then you are doing it incorrectly. Make sure the identifiers are different names.

Yes, but why? It’s generally not a good idea because the velocity value can be a huge number for scaling, and so you’d have to use a pretty tight formulae to get the scaling number within a reasonable range.

Scaling can get obscenely large pretty quickly. Depending on the object’s size, scaling more than 2 can be too big.

They don’t need to be in the same action box. However, as you pointed out, they do need different identifiers/names.

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Ah, alright. Thanks!