Two clone of same objects, parented differently?

So I used The term Parent, because I didn’t have enough characters option for subject…!!! What I wanna ask is, Is there a way to put two or multiple clone of an object around another object with different X and Y coordinates for each clone.

The action to put an object around another takes “angle” and “distance” as parameters (polar coordinates), modify them to put objects at different locations around the first one :slight_smile:

The action to put an abject around an other is not very useful because it doesn’t calculate with the actual X and Y position of the child but distance from parent and angle, so you can’t keep the actual X and Y position of child object compared to the parent :frowning: At least this is my experience which could be wrong :slight_smile:

The easiest way to parent multiple objects is using points. You can add points to the parent object and you can set the child objects X,Y position to be at the position of the specified point, but in this case you need to know exactly maximum how many child objects a parent going to have and in what position and distance they going to be. If you don’t know how many child objects a parent going to have and in what position (maybe random number in random positions) you going to need some math.

Fortunately 4ian did help me out with the formula some time ago, and this is the best I was able to come up with: (4.85 KB)

In the example, in the scene editor you can add as many child objects as many you want, in any rotation and position. When you run the preview all of the child objects going to be parented to the ‘parent’ object and follow the movement and rotation of the parent.

The problem is, using my example, you can use a parent only one time in the scene. If you want to use a parent object multiple times in the scene having it own child objects the parent and the child need to be named differently for example, child1 objects are parented to parent1 and child2 objects are parented to parent2. Or you need to use object linking extension and object variables to link each child object to specified parents which would be a bit complicated, I think it easier to use different names for each parent.

Also, the Centre point of the child object need to be at position 0,0. Don’t ask me why, but if the Centre point of the child is in the middle, it doesn’t work, even not if I’m using the Origin point in the calculation. :confused:
The Centre point of the child object need to be at position 0,0 which leads to that, if you want to rotate the child objects it going to look weird :laughing:, but I couldn’t find yet a solution for that but I hope it helps.

I talk about “Put an object around another” because it seems that he refers to this action when talking about “parenting”: [url]interactive parenting]
But you are right, ddabrahim, there are better ways to simulate parenting features :slight_smile: